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Picasa, a free and powerful photo editor, is a free app for photo lovers. It works in different ways as a photo editor and viewer to handle and edit digital photos. Available and Designed for Beginners. Picasa Photo Editing Tool makes it easy to enhance your photos, remove red-eye, and adjust color contrast. Still available for Picasa even though it’s deleted? Although ready, Picasa is still available for download and offline use. Picasa formed a company called Lifescape in 2002. In July 2004, Google acquired Picasa and began offering it for free. However, in February 2016, Google announced that it would no longer support Picasa Age and Web Albums. The Web Album Collaboration Service was closed in May (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Still, Picasa is still available and will continue to work wherever it is already installed. It works perfectly with Windows 10, although no new updates will be made. The Picasa app no ​​longer works online, so you can’t add or sync albums, or some are available for Mac. Picasa Options As an alternative to Picasa, Google recommends using Photos on Google to create albums, share photos, edit photos, and search for photos. There are other alternatives to Picasa. For a simple image editor, Fotobounce does a good enough job, even if the interface isn’t very friendly. FastStone Image Viewer is a photo viewer and editor, though it does not have Picasa’s advanced editing service. Ribbet Photo Editor provides multimedia photo editing services on a variety of platforms. IrfanView enables dynamic viewing of images with image editing (and group editing), while ACDSee is a photo editing, viewing and editing software. For those who want more powerful photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is one of the world’s most advanced and popular photo editors. Meanwhile, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is simple and easy to use, but still includes advanced tools. What can I do with Picasa? Picasa is easy to download and install with Windows Installation. When you start the app, users can choose where Picasa uploads photos from their computer: choose to search only My Documents, My Photos, and desktop, or search the entire computer. At this point, you can also enable Picasa Photo Gallery to view images directly from Windows Explorer. The viewer can open various file types, including .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png, .tga, .tif, and .TIFF, .webp, and .ru extensions. Picasa also lets you select the device and folder you want to scan, and lets you sync apps automatically every time you open it. You do not need to import new images manually. Once your photos have been added to Picasa, they are organized into albums displayed in folders of the same name that were taken. You can rearrange and move images from one place to another by simply dragging and dropping. Picasa also allows you to tag your photos in a simple layout, as well as where your photos were shot (although you now have to manually place them). You can also tag labels to easily access them. The Picasa look is very simple and now it looks solid and old-fashioned. You can change the way the images are displayed and change them with the ease of library view and editing appearance (available from the View menu).Interface tabs separate separate projects from collection and import sections. Fast and efficient, easy editing Picasa is not a special editing software, but it offers some fun services that you can use to do basic editing, for photos, side effects or for groups. Improvements include reduction, straightening, automatic adjustment of lighting, color and contrast, sharpening and red-eye correction. You can also use fun and useful photo editing options using filters. There are many fun filters available, all of which can be fully customized and make our images look great. Picasa is very easy to use for image editing, tip icons are displayed with mouse and more sophisticated tools, such as removing red eyes and re-touch, and full toolbar instructions on the left side of the screen. For beginners, it should be easy to take well-enhanced photos. Some features are built into Picasa, so you can create banners, collages, video and video screens with your photos. By tapping the old Picasa, you can even create a gift CD by selecting and burning the image to a CD with a disk burner. We loved Picasa’s great performance for creative projects. The app provides easy-to-use instructions, and we were able to put videos along with our photos quickly and add audio and background changes. We liked the fact that it was easy to adjust the video and adjust the video length to fit the sound. Finally, Picasa has very useful options for discovering duplicates and blank albums and by compressing your photo editing software. Picasa is great for organizing your photo albums, putting your photos first, and creating fun projects like videos and collages. In addition to the free service, the main thing about Picasa is that it is comprehensive and available. It doesn’t offer the most advanced settings, but the editing tool is easy to use and is completely customizable for users who want a little flexibility. Its connectivity is intuitive and provides instant access to all software services. Inexperienced users will benefit from the in-depth support built into the app so that they can better understand its services and how they are used.


Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 (x64 Télécharger

Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 (x64

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Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 (x64

Taille du fichier : 427 Mo

La dernière version d’Intel du pilote graphique prend en charge le dernier processeur Intel Core 8 d’Intel et introduit les graphiques Intel UHD, avec la possibilité de participer au divertissement 4K UHD de pointe depuis votre ordinateur portable pendant jusqu’à 10 heures. Associés à diverses solutions de sécurité, ces appareils optimisent également les conditions de veille du système pour réduire la consommation d’énergie. Activez Terran * vs. Protoss * vs. Les batailles Zerg * dans le passé, dans StarCraft Remastered * sont appréciées dans un fantastique 4K UHD. Détruisez les ennemis dans Quake Champions * (accès anticipé) ou suivez l’aventure avec les derniers lancements de jeux, Life is Strange: Before the Storm *, Batman: The Enemy Within The Telltale Series *, Crossout *, The Long Dark * et Slime Rancher * sur les processeurs avec Intel HD Graphics 620 ou supérieur.

Gagnez ou franchissez la ligne d’arrivée avec les derniers titres comme Lawbreakers *, Tacoma * et F1 2017 * sur Intel Iris Pro Graphics.

Découvrez le nouveau look, où vous trouverez les paramètres de jeu recommandés pour plusieurs de vos jeux PC préférés.

Installez l’utilitaire de mise à jour Intel Drive, qui vérifie désormais automatiquement les appareils régulièrement et peut vous avertir lorsque de nouveaux appareils sont disponibles.

Ce document contient des informations sur les pilotes graphiques Intel pour :

Processeur Intel Core 8th avec Intel UHD Graphics 620.

Processeurs Intel Core de septième génération, associés processeurs Pentium/Celeron et processeurs Intel Xeon, avec Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, 650 et Intel HD Graphics 610, 615, 620, 630, P630.

Processeurs Intel Core de sixième génération, Intel Core M et processeurs Pentium associés, avec Intel Iris Graphics 540, Intel Iris Graphics 550, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 et Intel HD Graphics 510, 515, 520, 530.

Processeur Intel Xeon E3-1500M v5 Family avec Intel HD Graphics P530

Processeur Pentium / Celeron avec Intel HD Graphics 500, 505


Bluetooth Driver Torrent

Bluetooth Driver

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Bluetooth Driver

Facilitate (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); A Bluetooth driver is a tool that allows your computer or laptop to detect Bluetooth connections from other devices. Installation and setup are fairly simple and do not take hours. After completing all the steps, your computer can now easily connect to another device via Bluetooth. In addition, the Bluetooth driver is compatible with almost all Bluetooth tools, keys and adapters on the market, so you can use it anytime and anywhere without worries. You can also expect fast file transfers with the Bluetooth driver.

Free Bluetooth Troubleshooter The Bluetooth Driver Installer is a handy, free Bluetooth troubleshooting tool for your Windows PC. The software is designed to detect and troubleshoot Bluetooth driver issues. If your system does not have an updated or accurate driver, the program comes with an installer to add the necessary files. Similarly, if there is an error in an existing Bluetooth driver, the tool fixes it in an easy-to-use Bluetooth installer, making assumptions from the equation. With this platform you do not have to search for many drivers available on the Internet. If you have installed obsolete files on your system or accidentally deleted some items, the program will restore Bluetooth functionality without any problems. The step-by-step wizard makes it easy to navigate the tool. Compared to Driver Booster Free, IObit software and Driver Genius, this program comes with a simpler (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Recovering and downloading Bluetooth drivers to your PC via Bluetooth on a PC, transferring files, documents, images and videos to other devices becomes easier. Most modern systems have built-in Bluetooth. However, some computers require a special adapter to use this technology. In any case, it is important to establish uninterrupted connectionsproperly working and correct drivers. This is where the Bluetooth Driver Installer will come in handy when using Bluetooth technology, you may encounter various errors or problems. For example, the unit cannot identify the adapter. In such situations, you can use the program to troubleshoot Bluetooth. Fixes error files, identifies drivers, and downloads the correct files to ensure a stable connection. The whole process is simple and fast, and you don’t need to be a technology expert to know how to use software that automatically detects drivers? If you can’t find the right driver for your card, the app can download it directly. It doesn’t matter what version of Windows you are using. Install the Bluetooth driver for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or any other version. In addition, this downloadable Bluetooth driver is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It automatically detects your device and searches for a compatible Bluetooth driver installer that works seamlessly with a large number of Bluetooth adapters. However, they may occur with some service providers with some problems. Simple interface allows you to easily navigate through various functions. The main window of the program is a simple wizard, where you spend most of your time searching, downloading and installing software. Most of the work is done by yourself, including finding and finding the exact drivers, you just need to click on the screens in the wizard. The process will take no more than a few minutes, and you will receive a comprehensive report with information about the manufacturer of the device, model, can you restore the computer? Unlike most free tools in this category, this one has an interesting feature. Although you can fix Bluetooth issues, the program also allows you to create a system restore point. Because the software replacesdriver or patch file, it may make some changes to the registry. Sometimes you want to undo these changes. You can easily use recovery options to return your computer to a recovery state. This is useful when something goes wrong when upgrading or installing a program in a lightweight package. Therefore, downloading and installing takes no more than a few seconds. During the installation, third-party programs are offered, and the program offers to change the settings of your browser. However, you can uncheck System Preferences to skip these settings. The Bluetooth Driver Installer does not take up much space on your computer, but it is effective. Is a Bluetooth driver installer a good choice? The program is a great choice for downloading a Bluetooth driver. The Bluetooth Drive Installer makes it easy to connect to other file transfer devices. Because it’s completely free, you don’t have to buy or pay for a subscription if you plan to download this installer to your computer. It is important to make sure that your system has Bluetooth functionality. The installation package works with both new and old machines. In just a few seconds, it can set up your computer to connect to other Bluetooth devices, including printers. It allows you to transfer files and perform other actions such as printing that you have installed on your computer to solve Bluetooth problems, you will like the simple interface. The latest version of the platform contains minor improvements to the interface. The look of the tool has changed for the better and can now automatically detect even more adapters, and this Bluetooth installer perfectly complements the Bluetooth functionality of your system. It can successfully solve Bluetooth problems, install compatible drivers, create system restore points, and perform other similar functions. By usingBluetooth Driver Installer on your PC, you can safely and quickly transfer files between them. Bluetooth hassle-free troubleshooting With many devices, wireless file transfer between multiple systems has become even easier. Bluetooth Driver Installer is a stable, free, and useful program for the proper use of Bluetooth devices on a Windows PC. The program automatically detects and installs a simple and straightforward interface compatible with Windows, the program allows you to almost instantly fix problems with Bluetooth. The wizard allows you to take a break from navigating across multiple windows, websites, and applications. When the operation is successful, the program provides a comprehensive report on the device manufacturer, version and model.


Windows 10 X64 Pro incl Office 2019 en-US MAY 2021 {Gen2} Torrent

Windows 10 X64 Pro incl Office 2019 en-US MAY 2021 {Gen2}

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Windows 10 X64 Pro incl Office 2019 en-US MAY 2021 {Gen2}

Windows 10 X64 Pro, including Office 2019 Pro Plus in-US MAY 2021

Build version 20H2

* File:

* Size: 5.75 GB

* Format: Bootable ISO

* CRC32: 002722e1

* MD5: 54ed8543d6a27fa66005178dd441286c

* SHA-1: ad8340384f8a4eb962410c4f08332083aedbb60e

Integrated / pre-installed:

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64 bits

* Battery maintenance update:

* KB4598481

* Cumulative update:

* KB5003173

* NET Framework

* Cumulative update for

* NET Framework and:

* KB4601554


* Windows 10 Professional

* Office 2019 ProPlus

* Triggers: HWID and KMS online

* Compatible with UEFI

* (Use the attached Rufus USB tool to make UEFI bootable)

* Diagnostic and recovery kit (only)

* compressed in recovery format ()

* Create a bootable USB key (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (attached) or record to DVD-DL at low speed.

* Windows_Addict, author of Windows activation script

* Hope you enjoy this version!

* Greetings,

* Generation2

Integrated / pre-installed:

– Updates are integrated until July 17, 2021;

* Cumulative update:

* NET Framework

* Cumulative update for

* NET Framework and:

* Chorme

* Firefox

* Winrar

* 7Zip

* Vlc

* Winamp

* Office 2019


Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or more.

Free hard disk space: 20 gigabytes (GB).

Graphics adapter: Microsoft DirectX 9 or higher graphics device.

Additional requirements for the use of certain functions.

Touch capabilities require a tablet or monitor that supports multi-touch technology.

To access the Windows Store to download and run applications, you need an active Internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1,024,768 pixels.


Microsoft Windows 10 AIO 6in1 x86/x64, torrent downloaden

Microsoft Windows 10 AIO 6in1 x86/x64,

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Microsoft Windows 10 AIO 6in1 x86/x64,

Microsoft Windows 10 AIO 6in1 x86 / x64,

Ursprüngliches Problem:

.: Software-Zeitplan:.

Name: Microsoft Windows

Betriebssystem: Windows 10

Version: Home, Pro Enterprise (32-Bit und 64-Bit)


Hersteller: Microsoft

Akzeptiertes Datum: 29.07.2015

System Anforderungen:

– 32-Bit (x86) oder 64-Bit (x64) Prozessor bis zu 1 GHz oder pi-Geschwindigkeit

– 1 GB RAM (32 Bit) oder 2 GB RAM (64 Bit)

– 16 GB Speicherplatz verfügbar für Disco-Rigido (32 Bit) oder 20 GB (64 Bit)

– DirectX 9-Grafikversion mit WDDM-Treiber oder höher

.: Installationshinweise:.

Masterizza il file iso crea una chiavetta USB verfügbar für Rufus

Riavvia il pc ich avvia al boot il dvd ili chiavetta usb

Die für Installation und Installation zuständige Version ist ausgewählt

Löschen Sie die Dateien und laden Sie die Dateien herunter


MD5: 3962b085acce6aa52ccf6e4dbfcf8d88

SHA1: 787d2996df4ad746196377b5337fa827285947a4

CRC32: ea54300a

MD5: 4e0e814fe68b4f9a5eafabb594fe1faf

SHA1: e960299022090b5e2d84c1cfbfd3f2b7c1dfe88c

CRC32: fce03845