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Free PDF Editor x64 Installer torrent

Free PDF Editor

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Free PDF Editor

Free PDF Creator Free PDF Editor is a simple and easy-to-use program that allows you to create and modify PDF files. While the name suggests that the application allows you to edit PDF files, it only does so for documents created with the application. Therefore, you will not be able to edit PDF files created with other programs. This can be daunting for users looking for a free and versatile downloadable PDF editor that can fill out PDF forms. Although the program has limitations, it allows users to create and modify multiple PDF files. You can easily change the properties of each document and also attach additional pages as needed. The app also provides users with different page modes to make editing easier. That said, many applications are better than Free PDF Editor such as PDF Editor, Free PDF Editor PDFEscape, Free PDF PDF Editor, and Documalis Free PDF Editor. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Is Free PDF Editor easy to install? One of the best parts about downloading the free PDF editor is that it is portable. This means that after downloading the program, you do not need to install it on your Windows computer. Instead, you can directly run the executable and run the program. As an added bonus, you can easily take the program with you on a USB drive. What can you expect from the interface? After downloading the free PDF editor, you will have access to a simple and easy-to-use program. But in terms of interface, the design looks like an old Windows application. You can start by creating a document and then inserting various elements. These items include options such as text, shapes, images, and more. You can use the mouse to drop these items on the face of the page. When it’s ready, just drag them and resize them according to your wishes. After completing the document, click Save and share the PDF with others. However, if you try to open another PDF file created in a different program, you will have problems. Free PDF editor often only opens PDF files that it has created. all other files may crash the program. How can I edit a free PDF? If you want to edit PDF files with this program, you will be disappointed. While the name clearly indicates Free PDF Editor, it is an editor only for PDF files created by the program. Imported documents cannot be edited using this program. But if you download and use this PDF maker tool, you can edit it easily without any hassle. To get started, if you want to add text to your PDF, just click Insert Text from the main menu of Free PDF Editor. Once done, you will find an input field that you can drop anywhere on the page and drag it into place later. You can then type or paste the content you want and change its font, size, style, and the free PDF Editor app has an embedded image option that allows you to upload and paste images into a PDF file. The program supports all popular image formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and ICO. You can easily resize the image or crop it according to your ownlikes. Apart from that, the PDF editor can also add various shapes to your documents. These forms can be obtuse at any time, from rectangle to square or from ellipse to triangle. After you insert a shape, you can edit the size, type, and color of the edge. Can I also fill with color in any form that can be made with the Free PDF Editor app? As mentioned before, you can use the free PDF editor to create, edit and save PDF files. However, please note that the functions only work on files created by this program. You can start by creating a document, naming it, and then editing it. Everything is very simple and requires no effort from users to create a document, users can also add several pages to one PDF document. All you need to do is click the Add Page icon in the menu and the page will be added. Deleting a page is just as easy and can be triggered from the Delete Page icon. That said, users should note that they cannot delete the first page of the add-on, users can also make changes to the properties of each PDF file with the free PDF editor. You can edit items such as document date, creator name, edit date, subject, title, keywords, and author. Users can also change the height and width of different pages along with the margins. In addition, users can create columns or use a single page layout. Since the program also has different positions on the page, users have the option of including outlines, thumbs, and more. In full screen mode, you can view the entire PDF document without interruption. Another important note is that Free PDF Editor software only saves PDF files with the .FPE extension. Does Microsoft have a free PDF editor? Unfortunately, Microsoft Windows does not have a built-in PDF editor. In fact, it can be difficult to find a good and free download PDF editor for your Windows PC. Free PDF Editor The Windows application is pretty good in this regard as it allows you to create and edit PDF files. However, it doesn’t have many features and it can frustrate users not to open PDF files created by others. Downloading the free PDF Editor app? The Free PDF Editor was a good program when it was released. However, there are now many other applications that provide a better interface and various advanced features. Although it is a free application, this version of Free PDF Editor has a rather limited style and does not allow you to edit PDF files created by other programs.


Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR Office 2019 Janeiro 2021 download

Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR + Office 2019 Janeiro 2021

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Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR + Office 2019 Janeiro 2021


Tamanho: GB

Architecture: x64

Language: PT-PT

BIOS: UEFI / Inheritance

Name: ISO / ESD

MD-5: 21326A71CB87AB14BC1872E490ECAF55

Sha: 90E953A3BFE3A5E28D413FF74CF272F2DB1A7185


Office of Win10 Home + 2019

Win10 Pro + Office 2019

Win10 One Home Language + Office 2019

Win10 Education + Office 2019

Win10 Pro Education + Office 2019

Win10 Pro Workstation + Office 2019

Win10 Enterprise + Office 2019


Videoder Torrent


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Great video download tool. Videoder is a great tool for downloading music and videos from popular streaming websites. Aside from downloading, an easy-to-use media application allows you to change the types of media content files in your preferred format. Unlike 4K Video Downloader and similar software, Videoder includes a simple and clean interface. In addition, it has an integrated search engine, which allows you to find names in seconds. With Videoder, you can immerse yourself directly in the world of entertainment on your laptop or download it without any problems on your computer. With Windows Videoder software, you can create a large music library or movie collection without effort. Previously, the app was released for YouTube download. Over time, developers have added several popular streaming sites to the list. Videoder even lets you download over 1,000 content (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Some of the most popular are Vimeo and Dailymotion. In addition, Videoder can also be used to download music and videos from a wide variety of web sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Videoder, which are easy to use? Compared to VidMate and YTD Video Downloader, Videoder has a simpler interface. Once you start the app, a long list of supported websites will be displayed. You can even watch stylish videos on YouTube. Videoder lets you select a web site or enter a URL in the search bar at the top of the main window. In addition, you can add bookmarks for quick access, which saves you a lot of time by clicking the web icon in the main window and accessing the page. Because Videoder serves as a video search browser, you do not need to open the default browser for a different computer. To download the video, click the thumbnail and wait for the Video Downloader to take you to the preview page. In a few seconds, you will see a download button on the screen. As soon as you click, the download links will start downloading immediately; it is recommended to choose the format and quality of the video. Once you start downloading a video, you can use the Downloads tab to track its progress. In this section, you can also view download history, as well as complete, suspended, and live downloads. Does Videoder store all downloaded videos to Videoder device media faster than other downloads? Compared to other apps, when you download Videoder, it claims to provide faster download speeds. While the app is already appreciated for its easy-to-use interface, speed is the key for most people. Downloading the Videoder Video Downloader app uses several internet connections to speed up downloading speed. Besides? The platform allows you to set the number of connections based on network quality. For the most part, Videoder software includes a smart detection tool, which is undoubtedly one of the best software services. Allows the tool to detect the media file link on a web page. As such, simply press the download button instead of opening the app every time you want to download the file. Videoder also includes a fast download option, which allows you to download videos and a fast download service; you can download music and videos directly from the list of recommended apps. All you have to do is click the power icon at the bottom of the thumbnail. Once finished, select a resolutionand the download will start immediately. So, you don’t have to wait for the download links to appear, but last but not least, Videoder Download includes an ad blocker and a built-in browser, which makes it easy to search for videos and music. You can even personalize the visual appeal of the app by selecting a specific color scheme or using the original settings. Videoder is available at night and supports many languages, including American English, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, German, Hungarian, ‘Indonesian, Polish, Slovak, Turkish, Thai, Italian and video and music. PC videooder is a great tool for downloading videos and music from popular streaming websites. While other apps like Ummy Video Clip and ClipGrab were very popular, the compatibility of Videoders and various websites makes it as attractive as the Windows version. The APK video installer includes many services such as built-in search, quick download, convenience options, and more. Because it is free to use, there is absolutely no reason to stop it. It is undoubtedly one of the best and easiest platforms to download music and videos online.


Windows 10 Digital Activator v1.3.9 Portable – DeGun TPB.rar download torrent

Windows 10 Digital Activator v1.3.9 Portable - DeGun TPB.rar

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Windows 10 Digital Activator v1.3.9 Portable - DeGun TPB.rar


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(, / /) (, /), (, /)

/ (/ _ _ / __ / __ _ _ / _ _ / — (_

) / /) __ (/ _ / _ (_ / (_ (_ (_ (___ (/ _) / ____)) _ _ _ _ _ _ _

(_ /) / (_ / (.- / (

(_ / (_ /

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Windows 10 Digital Activation: January 2021

The easiest and most efficient Windows 10 activator that can activate any version of Windows with one click.

It is 100% free and virus free by the renowned developer Ratiborus.

(Windows Defender can only urinate and moan)

No installation required and can be run from a flash drive.

HWID GEN (also known as: Hwidgen) is a digital licensing tool that does not require activation or KMS upgrade (upgrading from an older version of Windows installation to newer Windows), developed by MDLs s1ave77 (My Digital Life). Activate all editions / versions (including VL editions) of Windows 10 operating system with permanent digital license. Furthermore, the activation process is simple, does not affect system files and does not use lost or stolen activation keys.

WHITE GEN is written in the AutoHotkey script (the .mk3 extension in the filename means the AutoHotkey application extension), in which the file is embedded (you can extract it from the official Windows 10 ISO) and the open source file in GitHub (compiled as an EXE file). Therefore, you can carry out the entire activation process completely by hand. Its working principle is to use Microsoft’s vulnerability to manipulate the Windows registry to achieve the activation goal, which runs in the same rut as the transmission principle of the mad WannaCry (cryptoworm ransomware) as well as the slick and discreet Adylkuzz. (cryptocurrency mining malware) using Windows error MS17-010 to hack your computer. By the way,in my opinion the author of Adylkuzzmore intelligent and farsighted. On the contrary, WannaCry is like a meaningless crowd!

// Supports Windows 10 editions //

Cloud (N)

Core (house) (N)

Basic (country specific)

Basic (single language) (N)

Professional (N)

vocational education (N)

Professional workstation (N)

Education (N)

Company (N)

Company Y (N)

Company Y (N) 2015

Company Y (N) 2016

Server default (core) (N)

Server data center core) (N)

Server solution (core) (N)

// To perceive //

The tool performs several system checks, and may take a while to appear (depending on your system specs), you don’t need to panic, just wait a while

When installing volume license version of VLSC or MVS Business ISO, the standard retail / OEM key must be entered to retrieve activation

// Warning //

This trigger may falsely report as threat: Win32: Threat to create high risk malware. Use VirusTotal for a thorough and authoritative scan.

. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::: :: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: : ::: ::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::: | :::.

. :::: | | :::.

. :::: | ——– ——————————– | :::.

. :::: | | :::.

. :::: | —————————————- | :::.

. :::: | _______________________________________________________________ |


Windows 11 Pro 10.0.22000.160 Office 2021 for VMware Workstati torrent download

Windows 11 Pro 10.0.22000.160 + Office 2021 for VMware Workstati

Seeds 20 Peers 24

Download torrent

Windows 11 Pro 10.0.22000.160 + Office 2021 for VMware Workstati

Windows 11 Pro + Office 2021 for VMware Workstation

– Windows

Version 11 Pro for Workstations (DEV Channel)

Architecture: x64

Published: 19 August 2021

Language Piano: sv-US

Windows is on, no user password

This is the full, intact version of Windows 11 with all its features.

– Office

Version: Office 2021 ProPlus VL LTSC

Architecture: x64

Language: sv-US

Applications: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access, Teams, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Skype for Business

Office is on

– VMware

Compatibility: Workstation

Memory: 4 GB (allocate more memory if possible)

Processor cores: 4 (increase the number of cores if possible)

VMware Tools: Installed Version

Usage: Isolate Windows 11 Pro + Office at the location you choose (default folder = Windows 11 Pro + Office 2021).

Launch VMware Workstation and open the Windows 11 Pro + Office file in this directory

Extract: GB

Read more about Windows 11 Insider Preview Build

Read more about Office 2021 LTSC

For Windows 11 Pro LITE VMware

– Windows

Pro 11 for Workstations (KB5005642) – BETA Channel

Architecture: x64

Published: September 9, 2021

Language Piano: sv-US

Windows is on, no user password

Removed components:

* Windows component

Multimedia: share media control panel / Windows TIFF IFilter (OCR)

Network: ActiveX client for remote desktop services

Remote Control and Privacy: File Server Resource Manager / Media Streaming / Multi-Point Connection / Interconnection / Remote Assistance / Remote Server

* System: MobilePC

Windows applications: all applications / system applications (BioEnrollment, CapturePicker, CBSPreview, NarratorQuickStart, ParentalControls, PeopleExperienceHost, XboxGameCallableUI, XGpuEjectDialog) / webcam experience / Xbox application

* Microsoft Store / Microsoft OneDrive / Microsoft Teams Preview

– Adjustment

* Microsoft Edge has been replaced by Google Chrome

* Set a dark theme for Windows and applications

* The system has been cleaned with Wise Disk Cleaner (Common Cleaner + Slimming System)

* The registry is cleaned with CCleaner

* Launches Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

* Launch Launch Share Windows Media Player Library

– VMware

Compatibility: VMware Player / Workstation

Memory: 4 GB (allocate more memory if possible)

Processor cores: 4 (increase the number of cores if possible)

VMware Tools: Installed Version

Usage: Disconnect Windows 11 Pro anywhere.

Launch VMware Workastation and open the Windows 11 Pro file in the selected folder

Extract: GB

Read more about Windows 11 Insider Preview Build


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Use Telegram for messaging and more Telegram is a cloud -based instant messaging app where users can communicate with their WiFi or mobile data; You can connect with others through messages, share content and media, and entertain groups of up to 200,000 people. Messenger also supports voice calls over IP, video calls and more. Chat is encrypted end -to -end for secure communication. What do I use Telegram for? Telegram is a free messaging program where users can communicate with individuals or groups, share photos, videos, and audio media, send messages to large groups of people, make free voice and video calls, and more. In addition to the basic features found in other messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike and more, Telegram also distributes content via (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); People can create their own channels to distribute content. Users can follow their channel and creators can easily reach an unlimited number of followers via post messages. When a new post is loaded, subscribers will receive a message notification. In this sense, Telegram also competes with programs like Youtube (for video content) and Instagram (for video and photography content). Telegram can be used on both mobile phones and computers and synchronized between devices. You have access to media, chat, channels and more on as many devices as you want. Telegram is compatible with MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux. The app can also be used on the web if you don’t want to download it to your device. What are the main reasons for using Telegram? Unlike other messaging programs and services, Telegram has no in -app ads. This means that the data is not shared with third -party groups. Messenger is set as a secure environment for communication and is increasingly used due to its high level of integrity. In this sense, it is related to WhatsApp. You can also arrange secret mobile chats, messages that can be destroyed. Just set the time and vacancy, the message is gone. This makes the communication channel very private and there is no risk of people tracking down the chat. Telegram is more than just a messaging app. With the Channels feature, you not only share content from other websites, but also create your own channel to create a community and explore other interesting channels. This can be an advantage if you want to distribute content to a large number of people. In this sense, the application is stand -alone and does not require third -party software to share content. What are the main disadvantages of Telegram? One of the biggest drawbacks of this app is that it is not clear how to add new contacts. When you click «Add New Contact» a window will appear asking for the person’s name and number. While there is an option on mobile phones to import phone contacts to the desktop, you must enter the contact details manually in order for the contact to; This can be a bit difficult as WhatsApp adds contacts automatically. Although Telegram is considered secure, with a high level of privacy, its scope is still not as large as WhatsApp or Facebook; Even youmay want to distribute content to a large community, it can be a challenge to gather quite a few Telegram users. How do I create an account at Telegram? To create a Telegram account, you only need a valid phone number. Users can access accounts on multiple devices with the same account, ensuring a seamless experience. These accounts can be created and deleted at any time. After 6 months after the account is inactive, the account will be automatically removed from Telegram. You can also customize the latest orders displayed in your account. Account verification is done via SMS and the account takes two minutes to do; How is the UI and Telegram experience? When you sign up, a window opens with contacts on one side and chat in the middle. The menu opens and you can see the functions of the application. You can create new groups, new channels, view contacts, go to settings, and go to app night mode. The Windows program has a good user interface, it looks quite interesting. What is the final decision? Telegram is the best choice for popular messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and is a very secure instant messaging app. While other apps have end-to-end encryption, Telegram has no ads in those apps. There is no risk of sharing data with third parties. Features such as secret chats and channels make Telegram a unique messaging app. With the help of the streaming feature, you can share content with more than 200,000 people at once (if you can get as many). But its reach is not yet as wide as WhatsApp, and the creation of a large community for content distribution is in itself;


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DecSoft App Builder 2021

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DecSoft App Builder 2021

App Builder is programming software that helps various users build their HTML5 applications without writing a line of code or learning the language. This software provides you with various visual components which you can use to design the program of your choice eg. B. Various buttons, timers and that are available to you. For users who are not familiar with JavaScript language, this program provides an excellent environment for the user to create whatever actions they want without writing any JavaScript code.

There are hundreds of different actions available to work visually. You can also use third-party plugins to build advanced applications, or if you are familiar with adaptive programming languages, use them to enrich the application you write. If you want to build web applications as quickly as possible and don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on them, this software is recommended for you. You can even use App Builder to build web plugins. You can see all the operations performed in the program environment live and view the project you are creating from different angles.

Features and functionality of the App Builder:

Full support for JavaScript and HTML 5

Ability to customize web applications

Create a wide variety of apps that run on smartphones

Visual and intuitive user interface for beginners

Possibility to change program codes for professionals

System Requirements

Supported operating systems (x86 and x64)

the window

Windows 7

Windows Vista SP1 or higher

Windows XP SP3

Minimum hardware configuration

Processor: dual core

Memory: 1 GB of RAM

Free hard disk space: 100 MB

Internet connection bandwidth: 1 Mbit / s

Software required

Microsoft .NET Framework or higher

An Internet browser (latest official version) with cookies enabled