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The Matrix Reloaded 2003

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The Matrix Reloaded 2003

On this second trip, Neo and the rebel leaders estimate they have 72 hours to surround Sion’s machine gun. Only a few hours will separate the world’s last enclave from the 250,000 Sentinels designed to destroy humanity. But the citizens of Zion, convinced by Morpheus that he will fulfill Oracle’s prophecy and end the war with machines, will rest on all kinds of hopes and aspirations for Neo, who will stand with a confused vision for search for a particular course. activity. Anthony Pereyra {hypersonic91 @}

Neo is stuck between the Matrix and the real world. Meanwhile, Zion prepares for the next war with machines that have very little chance of survival. Neos’ allies decided to free him from the Merovingian because it was believed to be the end of the war between humans and machines. They don’t know that a third person, the one who will destroy the whole world, is threatening. Submits